Company Background

HM was founded by Daniel Hill in 2007 based on his vision of a brotherhood of plumbers that would work in conjunction to the benefit of customers, presenting the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. The company delivers the highest level of customer service with plumbers who support each other and their customers. The success of HM is due to the high quality skills and character of the team. HM is built on character, integrity, and honesty in all things.

Specializing in plumbing services, HM services a variety of markets throughout the Metro Atlanta area including Towne Lake, Marietta, and more. Feeling a sense of urgency for our customer's needs, our highly-skilled and licensed technicians own your problems and will be responsive in finding a solution. Our customers are treated with respect, friendliness, fairness, and understanding.

Our Mission

As plumbing contractors in the state of Georgia, HM's mission is to be identified with quality, dependability, and character with integrity to solve any plumbing problems, in a time efficient manner, that we may encounter. It is our goal to be courteous, kind, professional experts in our field. We desire to be solution-oriented.

Our Motto

We are driven to solve our customers' plumbing problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, presenting long term solutions.

Core Values

We are customer driven. We feel a sense of urgency on any matters related to our customers. We own problems, and we are always responsive.

We will put forth our best effort in everything we do.

We live up to the commitments we make. We do what we say we are going to do.

Individuals will be treated with respect. We will be friendly, courteous, fair, and understanding.

We require honesty and integrity in everything we do.

We are frugal. We protect and conserve company and customer resources in the same way we would our own personal resources.

Serving with Integrity