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Wally’s Home Protection Plan

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially true when applied to keeping your plumbing system in working order. That’s why HM Plumbing provides maintenance for all your home's plumbing. It’s also why we created Wally's Home Protection Plan to make maintenance even better.

  • Our team values character, integrity, and honesty in all things
  • Proud members of PHCC, QSC, and CAI associations
  • Serving the Metro Atlanta region since 2007.

Our team is trained and certified to service your home’s plumbing system. We're focused on finding solutions to the problems our customers are facing. Part of that is getting ahead of those problems and preventing them! Reach out to learn more or sign up.


The Benefits of Wally’s Home Protection Plan

Are you wondering if maintenance is worth your investment? It’s one thing to tell you that it is and another to show you the benefits. Our plumbing Wally’s Home Protection Plan for homes throughout Atlanta, GA will provide benefits such as:

  • Free estimates
  • 10% discount on work performed
  • Annual safety inspection (performed at the end of your program)

These benefits are paired with our top-quality service. We’re thorough–checking faucets, sink drains, pipes, washing machines, and more.

Membership Costs

Are you curious what kind of price a membership will be? We price your plan by the number of bathrooms.

Annual Membership: $99 Annual Membership: $139 Annual Membership: $189
A home with up to 3 bathrooms A home with 4 to 5 bathrooms A home with 6 or more bathrooms or multiple kitchens

Ready to sign up for your plumbing maintenance membership? Contact HM Plumbing to sign up or learn more.