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Hotels & Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

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Every hotel and restaurant needs to keep customer service at the front and center of their business. Our commercial plumbing services help you do this along with ensuring your business is safe and sanitary. You can always lean on HM Plumbing to handle all plumbing needs for your hotel or restaurant.

  • Our team values character, integrity, and honesty in all things
  • Proud members of PHCC, QSC, and CAI associations
  • Members of the Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association (GHLA)
  • Members of the Georgia Restaurant Association (GRA)

We’ve served Atlanta, GA since 2007 and we're proud to boast the many certifications that show we know what we're doing. We can be your partner in keeping your hotel or restaurant thriving.

Contact us today to schedule hotel and restaurant plumbing services. We serve with integrity.


Restaurant Plumbing Services

Keeping your restaurant plumbing in prime condition is extremely important. An outdated backflow preventer can be enough to shut your business down. It helps to have our dedicated and certified restaurant plumbing contractors on hand who can handle everything from restaurant plumbing maintenance to restaurant plumbing repairs. We also offer preventative maintenance on restaurant drain systems and cleaning grease buildup.

Hotel Plumbing Services

Hotel plumbing services can be tricky. Make sure you work with our hotel plumbers to keep things in your hotel building running clean and up to code. HM Plumbing provides hotel plumbing repairs for issues such as water leaks. We’re technical experts in cross-contamination of hot water return systems.We also offer drain cleaning and sewer cleaning as some of our hotel plumbing maintenance services. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Facility Plumbing Repair

Not every place chosen for a restaurant or lodging is going to be the usual type. Maybe your restaurant is in an old airplane hangar or your bed and breakfast is in a barn. Whatever facility you host from, we’ll make sure that you have a plumbing system that can meet your needs. We’re proud to serve all types of facilities in Atlanta, GA.

Facility Drain and Sewer Services

Any facility that you’re in needs reliable drains and sewers. You can get drain cleaning and sewer cleaning from our expert plumbers. You can also rely on us for drain line water leak detection and water leak repair.