HM Plumbing Residence Maintenance Program

What is the HM Plumbing Residence Maintenance Program?

Sooner or later, every home has a problem with its plumbing. HM Plumbing now offers a one-year program that combines several benefits, including a comprehensive yearly inspection, discounts on service, and extended warranties on replacements help prevent one of the biggest headaches of home ownership — plumbing problems.

Why do I need the HM Plumbing Residence Maintenance Program?

Besides offering you peace of mind, the HM Plumbing Residence Maintenance Program saves you money. You know that dripping faucet that keeps you awake at night? According to the EPA, one leaky faucet in your home producing one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water a year! That’s a lot of water! It’s not only wasteful, it’s expensive!In addition to waste and higher water bills, plumbing leaks can throw out the welcome mat for pests like termites and conditions like mold. Now we’re talking major expense!When you choose the HM Plumbing Residence Maintenance Program, we are your preventative plumbing partners. As far as your plumbing goes, we strive to keep your life stress-free. Our technicians can spot small problems, like failing hoses or pipes, before they become big ones. The cost of replacing a pipe is a fraction of the cost of repairs and cleanup resulting from a flooded house. Spending a few dollars now to save thousands later is smart homeownership.

What's included in the HM Plumbing Residence Maintenance Program?

  • Free estimates
  • 10% discount on work performed
  • An annual 50-point inspection*
  • Dye test all toilets
  • Check all faucets for leaks
  • Check all exposed hot and cold-water supply lines
  • Check all sink piping
  • Check all drains
  • Check all washing machine hoses
  • Check lawn faucets
  • Tag all emergency shut offs

*to be performed at the end of your program

What does the HM Plumbing Residence Maintenance Program cost?

A one-year membership costs less than a standard service call for most homes. The cost is based on the number of bathrooms/kitchens that would require service:

  • $99: Up to 3 bathrooms
  • $139: 4 – 5 bathrooms
  • $189: 6 plus bathrooms or multiple kitchens
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