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Serving Metro Atlanta Since 2007


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Know the Signs of Damaged Sewer Pipes


The last thing any homeowner wants to hear is that they have issues with the pipes and plumbing, especially when it’s a sewer line that’s involved. Homes that were constructed before the 1980s are definitely more vulnerable to sewer pipe issues. That’s because their pipes were usually constructed using cast iron. 

Unfortunately, no home is exempt from the possibility of sewer line issues, even more recently built homes. Because sewer line issues have the potential to be a health hazard, knowing the signs of a damaged or backed-up sewer pipe is essential. Let’s go over some signs so that you’ll know when to call us for sewer pipe repair if you ever suspect an issue.

Foul Odors

The smell of sewage is an unmistakable odor that you’ll know once you smell it. Your home’s sinks have a device called a P-trap that’s designed to keep sewer gas from entering your home. When you smell sewage in your home, it could be an issue with the P-trap or the pipes. With our video pipe inspections, we can pinpoint the cause of the problem and restore your home’s health and safety. 

Slow Drainage, Backups, and Blockages

When slow drainage, backups, or blockages occur in a sewer drain, it’ll affect multiple drains in your home. If you notice multiple sinks and drains have slow drains, are backed up completely, and you’re also hearing gurgling noises, it may be a sign of sewer pipe damage.

Visible Areas of Mold

Mold issues can become incredibly costly and difficult to fix once they’re noticed. Visible mold growth on the walls or ceilings of your home could be caused by a break or crack in the sewer lines behind the walls. 

Even if it’s a small leak, a cracked sewer pipe can cause the humidity level in your home to increase to a level that creates conditions where mold spores thrive. If you notice mold growth along with sewer odors, it’s probable that the issue is with the sewage drain pipes.

Pest Problems

A sudden infestation of rodents or insects or the inability to rid your home of continued infestations could be due to a sewer line issue. Mice and rats can make their way from other sewer lines via cracks in your home’s sewer lines. Cockroaches and sewer flies are also common pests that can make their way into your home via a cracked sewer line.

Lush, Green Grass

Have you been patting yourself on the back because your lawn is looking incredibly green and lush? If it’s looking especially green but you haven’t been using chemicals to get it that way, it could mean you have a sewer line leak in the yard. Wet patches or certain areas that have that bright green color are also signs. 

If you need a repair for your sewer line then you’ll want to make sure the job is done correctly. That’s why we always start with a pipeline inspection to give us a clear idea of exactly what’s wrong. From there, we can take an expert approach to fixing your sewer lining.

Contact HM Plumbing today to discuss sewer line issues and repairs in Atlanta, GA. Serving with Integrity.

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