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How Much Water Does a Leaky Faucet Waste?

Monday, December 4th, 2023

When one of your home’s faucets has a leak, you’re probably not going to call for immediate faucet repair. Although a leaky faucet doesn’t warrant a prompt repair, it’s still a problematic situation since those tiny drips can add up to a lot of water wastage. 

In fact, the average leaky faucet produces around 10 drips a minute, wasting an entire gallon of water per day. More significant leaks like a faucet that leaks 120 drops per minute will waste about 11 gallons of water a day! 

Not only is this a waste of one of the Earth’s most precious resources, but those water leaks will add up, costing you more on your water bill every month. Let’s look at some other sources of water wastage in your home so you’ll know to give us a call to fix these water wasters for you. 

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