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The Benefits of Regular Sewer Drain Cleaning

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If you’ve ever experienced a plumbing leak in your home, you know how awful of a situation it is to have to deal with. Now imagine if that leak came from raw sewage spilling into your home from a toilet, sink, or bathtub. 

Sewer line clogs are one of the worst things that could happen to your plumbing system. That’s because when raw sewage backs up into your home, it’s an immediate health hazard. It’s also a gross thing to have to clean up after it occurs. 

Scheduling sewer drain cleaning before a backup has a chance to occur is an easy way to avoid a sewer line clog. Let’s go over the signs of a sewer clog and the benefits of scheduling this service. 

What is a main sewer line and why is it important?

Your home’s plumbing system connects to either your septic system or the municipal sewer main line via your home’s main sewer line pipe. As you can imagine, this is an incredibly important pipe in your home. Its job is to carry all the waste safely out of your home and eventually to your septic system or the city’s sewage treatment plant.

Just like any pipe in your plumbing system, this pipe is subject to buildup, damage, or clogs. As the buildup of waste increases until it becomes large enough to restrict the flow of water through the line. If it’s not addressed, eventually, this can contaminate the pipes in your home that are meant to handle fresh water. 

So how do you know when your home would benefit from sewer line cleaning? Here are some red flags that indicate your home is due for this service.

  • You detect the scent of raw sewage or other foul odors
  • You can actually see raw sewage backing up in drains, toilets, or bathtubs
  • Your pipes are making gurgling or bubbling noises 
  • Water backs up if 2 appliances are used at the same time 
  • Your home suffers from slow or clogged drains which keep coming back
  • Your sewer line clean-out is flooded or the ground around it is wet/soggy

How often does my main sewer line need to be cleaned?

It’s generally recommended that this service be performed every 2 years. However, we can always help determine how often this service should be scheduled based on your home’s particular plumbing system. It’s entirely possible that a less-frequent cleaning will keep your home safe from the potential problems caused by sewer line backups.

Trust a professional plumber for your main sewer line services.

A main sewer line cleaning is definitely not a DIY job. Not only could you potentially damage your pipes, but you’re also dealing with waste. No one wants to have to worry about the condition of their sewer lines. With our help, you shouldn’t have to. We offer comprehensive sewer line services in Atlanta, GA that will address any issues your sewer lines have developed and then keep them in prime condition moving forward.

Contact HM Plumbing today to discuss sewer line cleaning in Smyrna. Serving with Integrity.

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