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Serving Metro Atlanta Since 2007


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3 Common Water Heater Repairs

Technician servicing an hot-water heater

Water heaters have been around for a while and they’re fairly simple machines. But that doesn’t mean they can’t experience problems and even break down from time to time. 

When your water heater is struggling, you’ll know it immediately. A shower will turn cold halfway through or the water pressure could drop. You can’t afford to be without hot water in your home for even a day. Let’s go over 3 of the most common water heater problems and what causes them so you’ll know when to call us for Brookhaven water heater repair.

1. Not Enough Hot Water

There’s nothing more frustrating than having more than enough hot water to suddenly realizing that there’s not enough for basic things like showering and bathing. When it’s cold outside, the last thing you want is a hot shower that turns icy cold halfway through or not enough hot water to draw a bath.

If you can’t account for this lack of hot water through increased usage (for example, maybe you’ve been hosting guests for the holidays) then you’ll need to schedule an appointment so we can figure out the issue. 

A lack of hot water could be attributed to many different causes from something as minor as a faulty mixing valve in the showerhead to a major issue such as a failing water heater. No matter the cause, we’ll provide you with an honest opinion on what’s wrong and restore your home’s hot water supply.

2. No Hot Water At All

Unfortunately, a complete lack of hot water can mean that the entire water heater needs to be replaced, especially if your water heater is getting up there in age. But there could be a few simple issues going on.

If you own an electric water heater, make sure the circuit breaker to the system hasn’t been tripped. If you have a gas water heater, check that the pilot light is lit. There could be an issue with the gas valves or the gas line itself. 

Another possibility with gas water heaters is that there’s a problem with the thermocouple. This component keeps the gas valve open through its electric voltage. It’s a safety mechanism whose job is to monitor the flow of natural gas into the combustion chamber.

Just like with any mechanical component, the thermocouple is subject to wear and tear and can break down eventually. This safety feature must be working properly to keep your home safe. Give us a call if you’re experiencing a complete lack of water in your home.

3. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure isn’t nearly as frustrating as no hot water, but it’s still concerning, especially when you notice a discernible decrease from its previous levels.

The first thing we’ll need to know is whether the low water pressure is occurring throughout your home or at only one tap. From there, we’ll be able to diagnose the issue and provide you with a repair estimate.

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